2020 School ProjectUX DesignFlutter
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About 5 percent of Europeans suffer from depression, and for one in three of them, their depression turns chronic.

Jim CBASP is an app which was developed in collaboration with Anne-Marie Gloor, a leader of a local self help group and the psychiatric clinic in Königsfelden to help people with chronic depression.

The patients apply a process called CBASP which is a form of therapy for chronic depression.

In this technique, they follow a process to analyze difficult social situations and discover how they can change their behaviour in the future.

Previously, this process was performed using paper forms, which can be cumbersome and uncomfortable in public.

Our app allows a CBASP user to perform this process without the need of paper, share it in a group or therapy setting and archive it for later review.

This way, they can have CBASP in their pocket wherever they are.

We worked with a cross platform app framework called Flutter by google, which enabled us to quickly build apps for iOS and Android from a single codebase with native performance.

I worked together with 6 teammates to make the app a reality. In this project I was mainly involved with UI/UX Design, UI Development with Flutter and UX Testing.

The app is in ongoing development.